About The MT Guy

My name is Jesse Hickle, and I’m a board certified music therapist currently living and working in Northwest Indiana. I got my undergraduate degree in music therapy from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, and my Master’s in music therapy from Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Thanks for reading my blog…I hope you get something out of it!

  1. Aaron Teague says:

    Hello Jesse, Aaron Teague here. I found your blog looking into music therapy stuff on the web. I am going to jump and and read some of your post. I wish you the best in life and works.

  2. Daniel Tague says:

    Great looking blog Jesse! I like your stories and examples too! Good luck!

  3. Jesse, sounds like you’re doing some great work. Check out my website. http://www.mybabyfingers.com.
    I am a music therapist and deaf educator.

  4. designerjay says:

    And you also do great board game reviews! Nice…thanks for reviewing Belfort!! Then I came here and spent a couple hours pouring through all your posts and videos…some I had seen but not all – so it was very entertaining – thanks!!

  5. designersen says:

    Hi Jesse, thanks for the review of Belfort! I’m an Occupational Therapist by day (intrepid game designer by night) and also a musician. One of my areas of interest is modifying musical instruments for use by children with disabilities. Not quite music therapy in the strict sense of the word, but therapeutic use of music, I guess 😀

    I enjoyed your videos as well – It’s very nice when worlds collide and don’t explode on impact!

    • themtguy says:

      Hey, that’s awesome! I used to work as an OT aide, and it was really good for me to understand more about how to work with people with disabilities. I tried to use music whenever I could – guitar lessons, a color-coded piano, group activities, etc.

      Thanks for checking this blog out!

  6. designerjay says:

    Here’s a great video for your YouTube Fridays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x29l5eHHoXo

  7. Jessie, give me a call. Need some advice about writing a grant for a Music Therapist position here at St.Vincent Hospital Indy.

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