YouTube Friday: A matter of perspective

Posted: November 2, 2012 in YouTube Friday

I’ve been listening to some Harry Chapin recently, and this song came up in my song list:

This is a pretty sad song when you think about it.  And it gives you something to think about – we want our children to be creative and to express themselves, but anytime we stifle that creativity, it leaves a mark.  And not to go off on a political tangent, but that’s a good reason why the arts are needed in our schools – if we cut them out, we have effectively told children that they are no longer allowed to be creative.  And that’s going to leave a huge mark, not just on the kids, but on everyone.

Anyway.  After hearing the song, my thoughts went back to a video I saw several years ago:

This video was made by Amanda Baggs, a woman with autism.  She wanted to explain about how she interacts with the world, and how it’s different from how we the “normal” people interact.  In relation to the previous video, it makes me wonder how right we are as professionals to be trying to enforce “normal” behaviors on people with autism, and making no effort to understand how they are expressing themselves.  Music, like art, is a good gateway to that interaction, but there’s so much more out there.

A little deeper than my usual YTF fare, I know.  But, as this seems to be the only thing I can get posted recently, I thank you for sitting through it.

  1. Peggy Hickle says:

    Very powerful, Jesse.

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