Thanksgiving Workers

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Related Issues

I have five clients who I see in their homes that require 24-hour staffing for various medical and behavioral needs.  Last year at this time, I only had one, but I had just started working with him.  These clients will be home for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I know that their staff will still be working.  They don’t get to take the day off to spend with their families – they have to spend the time with the consumers.  And yet, I’ve noticed them trying to make it as special as possible – planning big meals, decorating, trying to add some sense of occasion to the day.  And as I’ve left every place this week, I’ve gotten a Happy Thanksgiving and a big smile from the staff who will be spending the day at work.  So, this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for them.  For everything they do, for the sacrifice they have to give, not just on Turkey Day, but every day.  I know the consumers really appreciate it, and if they could tell you, they would.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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