YouTube Friday: Ultimate Batting Practice

Posted: September 30, 2011 in YouTube Friday

OK, so this isn’t strictly musical, but it does make an important point about how rhythm and structure can help you outside of a musical setting.  Plus, with the MLB playoffs starting today, it seemed appropriate.

  1. JoelK says:

    Sorry, I can’t believe this one. Just can’t.

  2. JoelK says:

    OK, not sure why I’m obsessing about this, but the physics of this, I think, are impossible. (The ball would lose energy at each rebound, plus he’s hitting exactly the same place on the first net every time…)
    Still a very cool video, though!

  3. themtguy says:

    Real or not, it’s still an application of rhythm outside of music. It probably was faked, I just wanted to share.

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