Posted: September 14, 2011 in Techniques

One of the first classes I took as a Master’s student at Illinois State was an Art & technology class, where we learned the fine art of sampling.  It was very interesting, and I learned some techniques that I hope will come in handy someday.  Unfortunately, a lot of it required software and equipment that I don’t have, nor do I have the funds to get.  However, I’ve recently been trying to apply what I learned using GarageBand.  If you don’t know, GarageBand is a music mixing program for Mac (mine came with the computer) that allows you to mix music tracks, as well as to create podcasts.

The parents of one of my clients asked me to record my voice for the client.  He has a lot of anxiety issues, so I’ve been trying to provide music for relaxation, but the parents thought it might be more effective if the instructions were coming for me.  So, here’s what I did:

  1. First, I created a new podcast episode.  This gives me four tracks – male voice, female voice, jingles, and radio sounds.  For my purposes, I only used jingles and male voice.
  2. In to the jingles track, I dragged my music.  I used the Bobby McFerrin/Yo-Yo Ma recording of Bach’s Air on the G String – I really love the way the voice and cello work together for this piece.
  3. Next, on the male voice track, I recorded my instructions for the activity.  I left some dead air on each end, then cut it off.
  4. I then lined up the two so that the Air began just after my instructions ended.  This is accomplished by dragging the piece down the timeline.
  5. At various points in the piece, I recorded little snippets of instructions for Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  I recorded these separate from the music track by using headphone mode, then put them where I wanted them.
  6. Finally, I saved it and opened it up in iTunes to burn to a CD.

It took me about 45 minutes to do all of this, for a nearly six minute track.  Kind of time consuming, but next time I try it, it will go faster since I know what I’m doing.  If there’s an easier way, I’d love to hear it.  But for now, I’m very happy with how it went.  Thanks for reading!

  1. Lee-Anne Adams says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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