Musical Computer Games

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Music Therapy

I’ve been poking around the internet lately, trying to find some musically based games.  I’m not exactly sure how I’ll work them into sessions, but it is entirely possible that I’ll find a use for some of them.  At the very least, they might be usable as reinforcers.  Try them out!

ADAGIO: This is a flash-based Guitar Hero knock-off.  Rather than pressing buttons on a guitar controller, you are playing A-S-D-F-G.  There are only six songs on the site, and they’re very metal.  It’s nothing I’ve ever heard before, but then, I don’t really listen to metal.  I’ve been an advocate of using Guitar Hero and Rock Band in music therapy for a while – eye-hand coordination, rhythm, practice, technology, etc.  This is an interesting, if slightly limited program to use in absence of one of those.

AUDITORIUM: This is a puzzle game where you’re trying to arrange some directional circles to fill different containers.  It’s challenging, but each container provides you with a different section of music.  It all builds into a nice sonic experience.

MUSIC CATCH: This piano based game is very beautiful.  The object is to catch as many shapes as you can simply by moving your mouse.  You want yellow and purple shapes, you don’t want red shapes, and everything else is still good to catch.  It might be a little stressful to be a relaxation method, but the game is very simple and gorgeous.  I need to find some way to use it.

RHYTHM FIREWORKS: Think Dance Dance Revolution with arrow keys and changing colors.  You have to hit the correct arrow key as it reaches a line, but you have to keep changing the colors using the keyboard.  It’s kind of tough, particularly when the colors start changing faster.

SOUND GENERATOR: It’s a 16X16 grid of squares.  But each square you click on lights up and plays a tone.  Basically what you have is a four beat loop where you get to program in the tones.  It’s actually quite cools, especially since you can change what you have as it’s playing.  So it’s not really a game, but it’s fun.  There’s no way to clear with out sweeping the board manually, and the flashing lights might give someone issues, but it’s worth a look.

Give ’em a try, see what you think.  I’ll keep looking, and I’ll let you know if I use any of these successfully.  Thanks for reading!



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