When it rains, it pours

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Off Topic

It’s been a tough week for my family.  Our plumbing in one of the bathrooms clogged up over the weekend.  We had three houseguests over, which meant that everyone was using just the one bathroom.  The sewer was apparently backed up, and the plumbers have been removing the toilet, digging up the yard, and unclogging the drains.  It hasn’t been fun.  Fortunately, we rent so the landlady is taking care of it, but it’s a definite annoyance.

But that’s not all.  On Tuesday, one of our dachshunds (Lili) came out of her crate after dinner with a hunched back and being the exact opposite of her normal feisty self.  We took her in to the emergency vet who confirmed my wife’s diagnosis of IVDD, a genetic back disease that affects a lot of dachshunds.  So now Lili is all drugged up and on 6-8 weeks of crate rest.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to avoid surgery.

But that’s not all.  Yesterday, my wife had loaned her car to some friends having their own set of problems (a car that died in a busy Chicago intersection that they ended up having to abandon).  While out and about, they discovered that my wife’s car had a flat tire, which turned out to be an unrepairable hole.  So now we have to get new tires.

But that’s not all!  All of that just kind of adds to the bills that keep piling on,  so you can see that we’re definitely feeling a ton of pressure lately.  It’s been a veritable typhoon of stuff that all seems to happen at once.  But we keep soldiering on.  Hopefully, it will start to resolve soon.  We should be getting our new toilet today, Lili’s doing well, and we managed to get a deferment on some student loans.  I wish things wouldn’t happen one after another, but hey – what are you going to do.

  1. JoelK says:

    Yeesh! When life happens, it really happens. You might need to refer to Song #1 from your May 10th post…

  2. themtguy says:

    When your dog’s back hurts and your tire has a hole
    Your toilet clogs up so you’re really on a roll
    Don’t worry, be happy

    Something like that?

  3. Roia says:

    Wow, that really rots. I hope it all settles down for you soon. When I’m starting to freak out, I try to do one thing at a time so my brain doesn’t explode. Sending you and your family (including your wee dog) good wishes for not too difficult resolutions.

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