Posted: November 4, 2010 in Assessment, Music Therapy

Time for me to update some items from previous posts.

  • The IMTAP.  I haven’t touched on this is a while, but I’ve done several assessments using the tool.  I’ve decided that, while it does work to some extent with adults, it’s much more effective with kids.  I’ll continue to use it with adults, but their skill sets are very different from what the tool is looking for or set up for.  At the least, it’s a good template for a direction.
  • In need of a plan.  My structured sessions have been going well.  N goes through phases – after I started being more tight with my transitions, she went through a period of four straight sessions leaving happy.  Since then, it seems that if she comes in grumpy, she’ll leave happy, and if she comes in happy, she’ll leave grumpy.  J, meanwhile, has dropped off the map.  She hasn’t been showing up at the day program, so they’re in the process of discharging her.  Too bad – she was showing a fantastic amount of improvement, and not just in MT.
  • The junk band.  I told you that I was unsure of how my second adolescent would like Oscar’s Junk Band.  Well, it turns out that he has no problem with Sesame Street and enjoyed it.  Yesterday for the group session, he brought a Quaker Oats can as a drum.  It even had a few oats left in it so it could be used as a shaker.

Now you’re caught up.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hello Jesse! Hope you’re still active on this blog — I am on the verge of purchasing IMTAP, and found your review hugely helpful. One question, though: I am having trouble finding meaningful info about system requirements for the CD-ROM. Do you know if this will work with Windows 7 and/or 8? I can’t see how or why they would have dropped the ball by not updating to these nearly-ubiquitous platforms, but you never know. For example, I’m still finding recording software that only works with Vista. Let me know what you know! Thanks, Steve H.

    • asutbone says:

      Hi Steven. I’m still around, but I’m not really posting on the blog anymore. And sorry I don’t really have an answer for your question – in truth, I don’t use the IMTAP very much any more. We use a different assessment tool that my supervisor developed. So I don’t really know what’s going on with IMTAP. Sorry I’m not more help about this.

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