New toys!

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Instruments

We got a shipment in of my first order at Innovations.  It’s so much fun to get new instruments – it’s like Christmas three months early!  New stuff that I now have at my disposal:

  • A djembe!  It’s a short one, but it’s still great to have a djembe in the office.
  • A gathering drum!  This will be great with early intervention group I’m working with.
  • An ocean drum!  It’s got fish on it…very thematic.
  • A diatonic set of handbells!  They’re color coded in the key of C.
  • A set of chromatic add-ons for the diatonic handbells!  Now we can play songs in all different keys.
  • A QChord!  Very excited about this one…can’t wait to pull it out in sessions.
  • A bunch of mallets!  Not terribly thrilling, but we don’t always have to use our hands.

I’ve gone through and labeled everything, and now I’m thinking about what will be on the NEXT order…

Thanks for reading!



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