Discovering children’s music

Posted: September 14, 2010 in General Music

I’ve been listening to Pandora as I work over the last couple of days.  I’m trying to find some new music to use with the early intervention group I’m working with, as well as trying to find some Disney music for another client.  So, today this song called “The Pickle Song” came on, by a guy named Jim Cosgrove.  Now, I know I’m not necessarily the target audience, and maybe kids eat it up, but this song had some of the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard.  It really sounded like some of the garbage I come up with when I’m writing songs on the spur of the moment in therapy sessions.  The music wasn’t awful, the words just sounded like he had scribbled them down on a napkin after somebody asked him to write a song about pickles.  In fact, this is one of the lyrics:

I met a young man up in ol’ Wisconsin. And he likes pickles. / He asked me to write him a song about pickles. So, here’s your pickle.

The song even includes an entire verse about the alphapickle.  Apparently, Cosgrove was running out of rhymes for pickle, so he just started putting EVERY SINGLE LETTER OF THE ALPHABET IN FRONT OF -ICKLE.  This probably wouldn’t bother me so much if my last name wasn’t Hickle, and if I hadn’t grown up with kids doing that exact same thing to me.

For fairness’ sake, I don’t know anything about Mr. Cosgrove.  He probably has some wonderful music for children.  And from what I’m seeing, he does have his fans.  But this one drove me crazy.

In the same listening session, I heard a song called “Two Kinds of Seagulls” by Tom Chapin.  Basically, it was all about the reasons species continue to exist.  Here’s a sample:

There’s two kinds of seagulls: he-gulls and she-gulls / He-gulls like she-gulls, and that’s why there’s seagulls.

It goes on like that, talking about different types of pythons (girl-thons and guy-thons), wombats (dad-bats and mom-bats), blackbirds (jill-birds and jack-birds), etc.  You get the picture – it’s talking about where babies come from in a humorous way.  And just to add to the subtle message, it’s a duet with Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

There’s not much to the lyrics, just Chapin making puns out of different animal names.  But I really enjoyed it.  There was a point to it, something that I didn’t get out of The Pickle Song.

Thanks for reading my rant for today!  Hopefully I’ll do something more positive next time.



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