The Full Moon Effect

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Related Issues

I’m not a superstitious person.  I’m really not.  But there’s something to this full moon thing.

I never really considered the full moon effect before I started working in San Diego.  At the school where I worked, we knew to batten down the hatches around full moon time.  We would often say that, since our kids had such significant delays, we’d still be feeling the full moon effects a few days later.

Realistically, the full moon was not responsible for bad behavior.  We had plenty of that to go around.  Some of the worst and most disgusting incidents that stick out in my memory were not around the time of the full moon.  However, at full moon time, it seemed that there were more problems; the behaviors were more intense; we spent less time working on goals and more time implementing behavior plans.

The best explanation I’ve heard was this: the moon affects the tides, and our bodies are mostly water.  It makes sense that the full moon would affect us.  Now, studies have been done that have debunked the theory that the full moon is linked to crime, suicide, werewolfism, etc.  But I wonder if any studies have been done with special needs populations – people who already have trouble regulating their emotions.

The reason I bring this up is because there was a full moon last night.  And, not wanting to go into a whole lot of details, there’s a nice round hole in my office wall where the door knob stopper once was.

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